A Review Of Our Anti-Racism Action Plan

We’re going to begin with a quote and end with one too.  Douglas Haynes,  writing on diversity and inclusion for Forbes says  “On this MLK Day let us all re-dedicate ourselves to building a promised land where Black protest and sacrifice are not a requirement to live in the United States.”  The risk of Black life and limb came into clear resolution with the extraordinary bravery displayed by Eugene Goodman, Capitol Police officer on January 6th.  Add to this, the prolonged attacks on the Black Lives Matter movement, a platform for us to speak out against white supremacy. 

So we are here revisiting, reviewing and rededicating ourselves to our anti-discrimination plans and want to share the updates with you.  Our work is incremental but not immeasurable and most certainly, not free of imperfection.   It requires our commitment every day and with every decision we make.  In everything from recruiting and hiring, to training, performance management, and business growth, we know there are opportunities for us in becoming an anti-racist organization, an organization that  is ultimately more diverse, more inclusive, and more aware of systemic racism and discrimination.   As Ijeoma Oluo, author of the book So You Want to Talk About Race says “Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself.”  


Rachel, John, Heather, Evan, Alon, Rachel, and Tyler
Big Dipper Hospitality Group