Access, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

Our staff is our family, and we are committed to providing the best possible work environment and exemplary work practices for our employees.  Daily, we work to nurture an inclusive workplace where all staff feel included, respected, and valued.  We employ a leadership team of which more than 50 percent are women and people of color. 

July 28 of 2020, we launched a “Diversity Committee” for our company. It would be comprised of a mix of ownership, management, and non-managerial staff that would meet on a regular basis. And it would help guide the Big Dipper Hospitality Group on our work towards racial equality in this country. Right away, the name changed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) – inspired by this quote from Meg Bolger.

“It’s about realizing that diversity efforts, without equitable practices and intentional inclusion, will always fall short.”

Bolger, M. (2020, May 24) What’s the Difference Between Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity? General Assembly

As a new undertaking for our company, we hired a consultant to join us in the development of the DEI group’s purpose. A working group was established, and decided that we should begin with a DEI Steering Committee. This committee’s goals would be focused on HR practices and procedures, hiring, promotions, training, and process. Because of the nature of these topics, it was decidedly unsuitable content to have debated by broad membership. Consequently, we will convene a group with representation from ownership, management, and non-managerial staff in the coming months. It will be called the DEI Employee Committee. The Employee Committee’s main purpose will be two-fold, addressing systemic issues and acting on educational opportunities.

Since the Steering Committee has come together, the title for the group has changed again. Incorporating the righteous objective of access into our effort, that access is essential to embracing inclusion, we are able to see our purpose more clearly. So, the name changed from DEI to AIDE. From there, we developed AIDE Mission and Vision statements. We can deploy them when we take on new projects, but also when we detect adversity.

Vision Statement

The vision of the AIDE Committee is to be an example for the hospitality industry and wider communities by displaying a commitment to equitable business and employment practices. Our commitment helps to examine and to transform entrenched practices and thinking.  At BDHG, we believe that more diversity, equity, access, and inclusion makes us better able to serve our broader community and ourselves.

Mission Statement

The mission of the AIDE Committee is to advance Access through Inclusion, resulting in Diversity and Equity for our staff, guests, and community, creating a space where all visitors and staff feel included, respected, safe, and valued. Cultural proficiency and a commitment to access for all drives every aspect of our decision-making and operations.  We are a stronger team when we welcome and reflect diverse perspectives, experiences, and approaches.

June 3, 2020

The Diversity Committee Was Announced

In solidarity with the Black Lives Movement, we pledged to commit to form a Diversity Committee to help guide our “…work towards racial equality in this country.”

Name Change #1

The Diversity Committee becomes the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI for short) sparked by deeper research into these subjects

June 12, 2020
June 18th, 2020

DEI Working Group Sets the Roadmap

This group formulated the goals, mission, formulation and authority of the committee

DEI Steering Committee Convenes

This group will tackle sensitive HR issues and give direction to the future process

August 13, 2020
September 21, 2020

DEI Anonymous Staff Survey is Administered

Here, we learn more about demographics, as well as feelings and experiences of inclusion and equity from the point of view of our team

Name Change #2

Prompted by more research, our DEI name evolves into AIDE (Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity)

February 25, 2021
March 19, 2021

AIDE Mission and Vision Statements Are Completed

We can deploy these when we take on new projects, but also when we detect adversity.

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