We are committed to providing the best possible work environment and exemplary work practices for our employees. 

Daily, we work to nurture an inclusive workplace where all staff feel included, respected, and valued.  We employ a leadership team of which more than 50 percent are women and people of color.  We offer competitive wages as well as a meaningful benefits package, and we continue to make strides towards evolving our business practices to address some of the intrinsic injustices in the tipped model of the hospitality industry. 


Over the last decade, we have built BDHG into a thriving business, pre-pandemic employing over 130 people, creating an inclusive workplace culture, and becoming a staple of the Boston food scene. Working with us is an opportunity to grow your career and learn with us in a dynamic, values-driven company.

We are proud to offer all qualified employees a package of employee benefits including:

  • We offer competitive wages along with annual bonuses
  • Affordable health insurance and discount gym memberships keep the team fit
  • Secure scheduling practices make work/life balance easier for our staff
  • We have alumni across the country that have continued careers outside of our walls and are leaving imprints everywhere they go
  • A matched Simple IRA plus discount programs help our team save money now and for the future


Available for motivated employees who take initiative and exhibit leadership qualities, we have a policy to offer job openings to our current staff first.

Giving people who display a willingness to grow and learn this a shot at upward mobility can have life-changing outcomes. As a growing company, we broadly advertise these opportunities to those who want to seek a new challenge in different roles and locations.