Living Wages

Our Staff Is Our Family, And We Are Committed To Continuing To Provide A Healthy Workplace And Living Wages.

As a first step in addressing inequities, in 2016, we instituted a Revenue Sharing model across our restaurants, sharing a percentage of food sales with our kitchen staff, raising their pay by approximately $2 an hour. This means that when the restaurant is busy, everyone is making more money, not only the tipped staff.

From 2016-2020 our revenue share has distributed $584,255 bi-weekly into the paychecks of our back of house employees (based upon hours worked).

Effective October 2020, we, the owners of Big Dipper Hospitality Group are officially committed to take a stand with One Fair Wage and the High Road Restaurants organizations. With these commitments we pledge to work towards a package that includes:

  1. Work towards a $15 minimum wage for all workers
  2. Fight to do away with the Sub-minimum wage for tipped workers
  3. Fight for legislation that allows restaurant owners to distribute tips equitably  between the Front and Back of the House

We assert that the enactment of the One Fair Wage legislation will help to address some of the intrinsic injustices in the tipped model of the Hospitality business. We believe the passage of legislation will create a level playing field, eliminating the advantage to those who would choose to maintain and leverage low wages to keep menu prices down. Additionally, we subscribe to the stated mission of High Road Restaurants,” [to] advocate for fair wages and increased racial and gender equity through hiring, training, and promotional practices.”