About The Ownership Team

John Kessen

John has been in the restaurant business for more than 2 decades. He began this voyage in Minneapolis at Goodfellow’s, Cocolezzone, and Cafe Un, Deux, Trois. When he moved back East, he began working at one of Boston’s finest restaurants, L’Espalier. After 5 years, he moved on to managed it’s sister restaurant, Sel de la Terre. He led, managed, and imparted wisdom to dozens of grateful employees. In 2008, with 3 friends, he opened Hungry Mother. John ran the dining room, welcomed countless guests, and created fond memories until its closing in 2015. After Hungry Mother’s closing, he enjoyed the transition to State Park, balancing his experience in fine dining and casual bistro spots with the energy of a neighborhood bar. In 2016, John and his partners opened Mamaleh’s, Boston’s Best and long-awaited Jewish delicatessen – a big and exciting project with new challenges with extensive take-out, off-site catering, and deli dining. Just a year into Mamaleh’s, the team returned to the space that was Hungry Mother to open Café du Pays. John enjoys spending time with staff and guests at each of the concepts, overseeing the maintenance program for the company, and aiding in marketing and PR initiatives for the Big Dipper Hospitality Group.  John has many interests outside the restaurant, including foreign languages, travel, gardening, and music. He is an alumnus of Yale University and holds a Masters in Music from the University of Wisconsin. John plays the French horn, is the stage manager, and sits on the board of the New England Philharmonic. 

Alon Munzer 

Alon’s grandparents, as well as his great aunts and uncles, owned diners in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and although he was too young to remember his grandparents’ place, restaurants are in his blood. At 13, Alon was a busboy at a local Italian restaurant in Monroe, CT. Throughout his years attending Northeastern University Alon supported himself by waiting tables and bartending.  Post graduation, alongside his wife and various business partners he opened Rachel’s Kitchen, Hungry Mother, State Park, Mamaleh’s Delicatessen and Café du Pays.  When not at work, Alon loves making his wife laugh and his two daughters giggle.

Rachel Miller Munzer

Rachel has worked in all roles of the restaurant business. She began valet parking cars for Ultimate Parking, outside the doors of some of Boston’s finest dining establishments. She then provided payroll and bookkeeping services at Ultimate Parking as they grew into a national company. Rachel waited tables and managed at various establishments including Margo Bistro at The Harborside Inn, Kings, and Smith and Wollensky, as she completed her degree in business management at the University of Massachusetts Boston.  Post graduation in 2003, Rachel opened and worked with her husband, Alon, running Rachel’s Kitchen, a quaint breakfast and lunch spot in Bay Village for two and a half years. It was a favorite for its grilled cheese sandwiches and their warm hospitality. Upon opening Hungry Mother in 2008, Rachel’s role became quickly defined as the Mother Hen.   In December 2013, she helped to open State Park, then Mamaleh’s in July 2016, followed by Café du Pays in 2017, where she runs the corporate office including business development, bookkeeping, and human resources.   

Rachel Sundet

Chef Rachel Sundet’s first job in a restaurant kitchen was at venerable and beloved Cambridge institution, Upstairs on the Square, with Amanda Lydon and Susan Regis. She was immediately hooked.  After culinary school in London, she returned to Upstairs before moving west to Seattle, where she worked at Brasa Restaurant and Macrina Bakery.  She returned to the East Coast and eventually landed at Hungry Mother, where she worked as the pastry chef for 5 years. In December 2013, she helped to open State Park, where she also oversees the desserts.  In 2015, Sundet was named a StarChefs Rising Star Pastry Chef and Boston Magazine‘s Best Pastry Chef.  With her notable success, in July of 2016, along with the State Park team, she helped to open Mamaleh’s Delicatessen & Restaurant in 2016 followed by Cafe du Pays in 2017, where she runs the bakery department, making bagels, bialys, challah, babka and much more. 

Tyler Sundet

Chef Tyler Sundet’s culinary career began with a job as a dishwasher in his hometown of Volga, South Dakota when he was just thirteen years old. From there it was off to culinary school in San Francisco, followed by stints in locales like Seattle, Cape Cod and, ultimately, Cambridge.  Sundet worked at Hungry Mother for four years before becoming a partner and helping to open sister restaurant, State Park in 2013. Since those first days, he has led the kitchen and widely expanded the range of the menu, which now includes a spectrum of flavors and inspiration that go beyond the restaurant’s early Southern roots.  With continued success, in July of 2016 Sundet, along with the State Park team, opened Mamaleh’s Delicatessen & Restaurant, followed by French Canadian-leaning Cafe du Pays in 2017. Luckily for Sundet, who continues to run the kitchen at Mamaleh’s and collaborate on menus at all three locations, all the restaurants are within walking distance of one another. 

Heather Mojer

Heather was born into foodservice, and her life and the industry became intertwined at an early age. While her mother managed the bar, Heather spent much of her time in the restaurant, playing as a child, and eventually working once she was of age. This early experience enticed her to pursue a bachelor or science in Sustainable Food Systems from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. During college, Heather worked at a student-run sandwich shop and also as a barista. After graduation, the pleasure she found in efficiently assembling short-order items led her to accept a bartending position at Hungry Mother. Commendations include a cover piece in the 2011 Imbibe Magazine holiday issue, as well as a bartender feature with Chilled magazine summer 2012. Heather was also accepted as a Cocktail Apprentice (CAP) at Tales of the Cocktail 2012, a very prestigious honor.  Mojer worked at Hungry Mother for four years before becoming a partner and helping to open sister restaurant, State Park in 2013.  With continued success, in July of 2016 Mojer, along with the State Park team, opened Mamaleh’s Delicatessen & Restaurant, followed by French Canadian-leaning Cafe du Pays in 2017.  Currently, Heather is the general manager at State Park, as well as the the beverage director for all three concepts.  

Evan Harrison 

Evan started working in restaurants in his hometown of Sherman, TX while in high school in the late nineties. He has worked nearly every position in a restaurant from the front to the back of the house; spanning a wide array of places over the course of the last fifteen years. At the age of 23, while finishing his undergraduate degree in literary studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston he worked his way up from food runner to bar manager and, ultimately, acting general manager at The Independent, a beloved neighborhood bar in Somerville, MA. Since then he has been the bar manager or lead bartender at several reputable Boston-area bars, including Deep Ellum, Brick and Mortar, and Highland Kitchen, all of which have received the high commendation of Esquire Magazine’s “Best Bars in America”. He was recognized as one of Boston’s “most beloved bartenders” by the Improper Bostonian in 2011 and has had recipes published in numerous cocktail books and magazines since, including Imbibe Magazine, The Boston Globe, and 901 Very Good Cocktails: A Practical Guide.  He also is responsible for the 2018 award to Mamaleh’s Best Cocktail Program.  Harrison joined the State Park ownership team in 2015, helped open Mamaleh’s in 2016, and then Cafe Du Pays in 2017.  He presently works at State Park managing the floor.